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5 MMA Blogs That Will Gross You Out


Here at the MMA News Blog, we comb through literally thousands of UFC and Bellator clips to bring you the most crazy, jaw dropping content in the MMA world.  Today, we wanted to share 5 blogs that truly capture the gnarliest MMA content out there~

1. Unlucky MMA Injuries for Friday the 13th – Affliction

Have a weak stomach?  You may want to steer clear of this one.  This array of videos includes everything from the most bloody UFC fights, to the wicked leg break Silva experienced.

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2.  11 Crazy MMA Injuries – BleacherReport.com

We had to include this one mainly because the second injury in this article reads, “Ray Elbe’s Broken Penis”.  Yes, you read correct.  There is an MMA fighter who actually broke their penis.  Just remember, you don’t have to be in the Octagon to get hurt!


3.  Top 10 Gruesome Leg Injuries – Sherdog.com

Remember the fight where Anderson Silva broke his leg in half as a result of Chris Weidman’s checked kick UFC 168?  That is only the beginning!  Sherdog.com put together a pretty nasty blog that includes 10 cringe worthy pictures of the worst leg injuries in mixed martial arts.


4.  Top 10 Worst MMA Injuries – StatsStyleScore.com

This blog is more recent than some of the other ones, and includes Brandon Vera’s “nose job”, Miesha Tate’s broken arm and 8 other extremely graphic injuries with links to the uncensored clips where they happen.  Definitely a must see for anyone into seeing blood and gore!


5.  Worst Injuries in Mixed Martial Arts – TheArenaMMA.com

Not as graphic as the previously mentioned blogs, Arena MMA talks in depth about MMA injuries, referencing some of the most historical fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.